Choosing your style: Which Cut is Best?

The first decision a man must make when dressing is on the cut and style of his suit. I recommend a consistent cut between the shirt, pants, and jacket pieces in order to attain a coherent style with pieces that match.

There are a number of cuts to consider. The most popular cuts for formal events are the Italian and English cuts. Ultimately, for a young man, the Italian cut will provide the best combination of a slim yet authoritative look, with a great deal of comfort, whereas the British cut gives a more rigid and structured style that is likely better suited for an older gentleman. The Italian jacket cut is made of a lighter material, trimmed tightly at the waist and padded heavily at the shoulders to accentuate the ‘”V” shape of the body, a characteristic that is deemed quite attractive in men and is associated with dominance (1). The English jacket cut, on the other hand, consists of a bulkier material and tapers heavily at the arms ending in large cuffs, but lacks trimming in the torso, resulting in a straight-edged, controlled, and structured look. The Italian cut is tailored tightly such that it forms to the contours of the body, whereas the British cut is designed to match the conventional stiff build of a military general. In summation, while the British suit cut is attributed as formal and traditional, the Italian cut is suitable for young men as it is more modern and stylish. An infographic that visually contrasts both cuts is shown below.



  3. Featured Image Source:

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