A Foolproof 5-Step Method for Fitting Your Suit

Now that you have chosen your suit style, you need to understand one thing: the suit is only as good as its fit. That means that to get the most out of your suit, hiring a good tailor is a must. Moreover, to get the close-cut, well-formed look that you desire, you must be able to communicate to the tailor your preference. But what types of trims make for the best fit?

The best way to fit your suit is to start from the top and work downwards. Starting with the shoulder, a slimmer cut on both the shirt and jacket will have the effect of accentuating the shoulder muscles, giving you a firm and attention grabbing look. The seam of the shoulder should line up against the shoulder bone, allowing the jacket to sit snugly on the body, without dragging over the shoulder or riding up too closely on the collar bone. Next, focus on the midsection. Taper your suit so that it contours to your body. This will attribute the desirable V-shape form that provides style and an attractive display of your physique, whether your build is athletic or not. Thirdly, trim the cuffs of the jacket arm so that the cuff lies just above the hinge of the wrist, thus showing approximately a quarter of an inch of the cuff of the shirt. This will provide the effect of an outlining frame, and so it is important to not show too much cuff; a slimmer cuff will give a more sleek and stylish frame.

After focusing on the top of the suit, now direct your attention to the pants. The fourth step is to alter the seat of the pants, such that a smooth fit devoid of wrinkles is achieved around the buttocks. Finally, cut the seam of the seam of the pants such that there is only a small break where the pant leg meets the shoe. A seam that is too short will show ankle, while one that is too long will hang over the back of the shoe, and produce a large and noticeable break in the front. In either case, the look is unappealing and sloppy.

By following this five step method, working downwards from the top of the suit to the bottom,  your suit will have a fit that reflects your style and good taste.

Featured Image Source: http://nextshark.com/why-looking-pretty-at-work-is-important-for-men/



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