Accessorize to Maximize

Whether you’re attending a formal business meeting, or celebrating the newfound love of your best friend, accessories are what set you apart from the rest of the crowd, and are essential to accentuating your personal and unique style. The accessories that you add complement your suit, and supplement it with a charm that is entirely your own. Three accessories that I recommend for any formal occasion to impress charm and conventionalism are the pocket handkerchief, the watch, and the belt, which each have a different effect on overall style.

The first accessory that should be considered is the classical pocket handkerchief. Although perhaps overdone, there is reason for its cliché, as the pocket handkerchief adds an element of class that is unparalleled by any other type of suit ornamentation. The pocket kerchief provides supplementary colour to the suit, which adds zest to your style, assuming that the colour counterparts the colour of your suit. The handkerchief can take a variety of folds, which act to augment texture and flamboyance to the body of the suit. Overall, the pocket handkerchief is an accessory that will break the monotony of colour in your suit while supplementing a modicum of class.

Another accessory that is influential to stylishness is the watch. The timepiece is an accessory that adds shine and distinction to your outfit, and correspondingly the piece that you choose to wear must not be too flashy, but must meet the standards of your attire. The designer of the piece is ultimately what establishes the class of the accessory, and so it is pertinent that you invest in a true brand name, and not in an imitation. The watch can take on a variety of modes, from simple leather straps to gold metal links, yet since it is jewellery, its effect is always that of garnering attention, and thus the style of the watch must be chosen wisely to meet the level of formality of the event. For instance, a business gathering might call for a simple yet sleek silver band with a strap that matches the suit, however the event of a formal gala could summon the need for a flashier center piece with sharp gold links.

Finally, one should consider the simple yet overlooked accessory that is the belt. The belt is often thought of as simply a functional tool to keep the trousers in place, but its power to complete the style of formal attire is grand. The belt acts as the connecting link between the top and bottom of the ensemble, which blends the pieces of the shirt and jacket to the trousers. The strap must act to connect the colours of pieces, and thus must either match the top and bottom if they are of the same colour, or be of an intermediate between the colours of the top and bottom if they are of different colours. As an aside, I strongly recommend for the sake of uniformity that your suit be essentially monochromatic, varying only in shade, such as the example shown in the featured image of this post. Instead of variation in colour in the suit, the gusto and glamour of your attire should be attributed to your choice in accessories. The buckle is another example of an article which supplies this type of alluring effect, serving to convey charisma. The belt is arguably one of the most important accessories that can be worn, as in its absence the suit appears bare and unnatural. In total, the belt is literally, as well as figuratively, the centerpiece of the suit, having the effect of drawing the entire outfit together.

To conclude, to convey class, a pocket handkerchief is a dynamic tool that provides texture and a break in the conformity of colour in the suit. The watch is vitally pertinent for displaying your charm and charisma, and as a result its level of tone must match the formality of the event. The belt is an absolutely essential accessory that acts to bring together the pieces of the suit, and its absence is abhorrently noticeable. A proper choice in each of these accessories will enhance the style of your ensemble to new heights.

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